About SVTregistry.com & MyRoadTrip.net

In case you’re wondering what this web site is all about and what does it have to do with another web site dedicated to motorsport volunteering, allow me to give you a little background story.

My name is Russ. I’m a huge automotive enthusiast and a volunteer marshal for a variety of motorsport events around the world, from F1 to club racing… literally around the world. I launched SVTregistry.com in 2001 because I was bored, I liked the logistics behind SVT build #’s everyone was posting about on the forums, and I really enjoyed organizing local meet up’s and little car shows.

I feel like I grew up in this community. From a time when I was a broke-ass college student struggling to pay the web site hosting fees. To now when I’m still struggling financially but feel quite rich from having experienced life in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and much of Europe volunteering as a marshal and taking every opportunity to meet up with SVT owners whenever possible. It’s amazing to bump into an enthusiastic Shelby GT500 owner in Auckland, NZ, a Lightning owner in Dubai, or a Cobra owner in Belgium sharing the same passion I do.

Besides this web site I also run FPVregistry.com which is dedicated to Ford Performance Vehicle owners in Australia and New Zealand as well as SRTowners.com which is Mopar version of my Blue Oval hobby. The video interview idea stemmed from my Marshal Cam project I’ve been doing through my Volunteering web site. So it’s all connected in some way. I encourage you to browse around and share any ideas you may have.


Ford Special Vehicle Team